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Genetics may have blessed me with a healthy body, but slackened off by the time it got to those vital little things called teeth. From childhood through my current senior years, my teeth have provided me with introductions to quite a variety of dentists; some good, most average. So I can say from years of experience that I have finally found the Cadillac in the dental industry. That would explain why my husband has also joined me during the last ten+ years in seeking Dr. Kush's artistry.

I use the word artistry because Dr. Kush not only recognizes and works to find a solution to every problem I've brought to him, but has also accomplished what genetics failed to supply - a healthy smile. I have had the security and experience over the years of knowing not only that he is there for me in emergencies, but also has the patience to explain and the willingness to include me in the decisions that will achieve the best result for the problem at hand. Oh, and did I mention his "toys" -those up-to-date little instruments that he seeks out in achieving his goal of a job well done. Yep, the Cadillac of Dentists!

Carol & Dino G.

I recently had a "dental emergency". My laminate on my front tooth broke off, leaving a filed down spike of a tooth, front and center. There was no way I could have gone to work in that condition!

I have always liked Dr. Kush as a dentist, but after this incident, he rates very high on my list. He fit me into his schedule as an immediate visit and gave me a temporary laminate. His technique was so meticulous with both the temporary and permanent tooth. He took extra care in all the details, down to matching the color as exact as possible. As always, he was very professional and caring, but it was also obvious that he is highly skilled at his work.

Thank you!

Kathy C.

Dr. Kush and his team have provided me and my family with excellent dental care for the last 8 years. The treatments have included routine cleanings, 1 crown, root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and my latest custom night guard. I was referred to Dr. Kush by my teenage babysitter. She said she and her friends go to him. Being a new mother in town, I was thrilled to have a rave review of a family dentist.

From my first visit I was impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of Dr. Kush and his staff. He and the staff have very high standards, keep very current with medical changes and take the time to explain everything. He keeps up with the latest techniques and equipment. X-rays are on the computer--so you can see results right away.

Dr. Kush is the most gentle, caring dentist I’ve ever been to, gives almost painless shots, and has the comfort and long term well being of his patients always at mind. I have even fallen asleep while he worked on my teeth! I highly recommend him for your entire family.

Joanne C.

Best Dentist in Hunterdon County!! I was so lucky to have been recommended to Dr. Kush several years ago. I have searched for the right dental expert since moving to the Clinton area and I am so pleased to have found him and his practice. My first impression of Dr. Kush's office was that of a truly caring and professional staff. Dr. Kush and his team have always well exceeded my expectations and I don't think I could have found a better dentist with the expertise and friendliness like that of Dr. Kush. Over the last couple of years the overall health and appearance of my smile has greatly improved due to the professional and expert skill of Dr. Kush and his staff. He and his team have a very meticulous approach and have always been extremely comforting throughout the many procedures I have had over the years. They are always very attentive to my needs and I'm always made comfortable and put at ease about any procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Kush and his staff to anyone seeking dental care in the Hunterdon Area.

Katherine M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kush's practice for at least 20 years now - his practice and his staff are always concerned first and foremost with your dental well being and health. One of the things I admire most about the practice is the latest and greatest tools (both hardware and software) are used - very technology savvy!!! Christina (my hygienist) is a wonderful, very caring, personable and professional person always. I did have an opportunity to get introduced to the newer staff members just the other day and if first impressions mean something, they are a perfect addition to the practice as well.

Christopher L.

Dr. Kush and his team are always very professional and friendly. They strive to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I have always been very happy with the results of my dental treatment there. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking comforting, quality dental care.

Kristine Lambrix

I want you to know how much I appreciate your excellent work and your concern for my comfort during those procedures. You are an exceptional dentist!

Margaret D.

Dr. Kush and his staff were extremely professional, courteous and understanding. I am very satisfied with my treatment and would highly recommend Dr. Kush.

Vincent F.

Dr. Kush and associates are professionals with a great bed side manner. Much better than different practices I have had in the past. They are knowledgable and informative and explain what's going on in a way that I understand. The staff is easy to work with on times when I had to reschedule, and above all have been very kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Kush to anyone I know without hesitation.

Sincerely, Justin Hogan

This was my first visit to this office, and I was impressed by the level of service and the personal attention I was shown. What I thought would be a stressful day turned out far better than I anticipated. I appreciated the follow up call after the anesthetic had worn off to ascertain I was not in pain. I would not hesitate to refer anyone who was in search of a dentist to your office.

Bruce P.

Absolutely perfect in every way. I am very pleased now even going "to the dentist".

Gerard "Rod" B.

My children & I have been coming to Dr. Kush for our dental care for the past 10 years. He and his staff make us feel very comfortable during our visits. In addition, we are very confident in Dr. Kush and his staff's abilities.

George P.

I have never said "I'm delighted" after a dental visit - until now!

Paul D.

I love Dr. Kush and his team. Always very friendly, like visiting family. Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I trust his care and recommendations. He's very gentle. I never feel pain.


Excellent and professional! I am not excited about dentist appointments and I get nervous, but the team at Dr. Kush's office makes the visit actually enjoyable for me!

Bridgett B.